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A Call and Plan of Action

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been calling

on world governments to reduce CO2 emissions, to limit global warming to 1.5°C,

however the planet has already warmed almost 1.2°C (source) and the latest IPCC forecast now sees the planet reaching the 1.5°C threshold by 2040 ~ 1 decade sooner than last forecast.


To limit global warming to 1.5°C, CO2 emissions need to fall by about 45% by 2030

and continue falling on average by 6% each year to reach ‘net zero’ emissions by 2050 (source)


However, following recent revisions announced during the UN “Climate Ambition Summit”

in December 2020 and the US-led “Leaders Summit on Climate” in April 2021,

it is now estimated the current global trajectory will lead to a 2.9°C warming. (source)


Even if warming is kept to 1.5°C, it will still be too hot for 10% of fish,

and at 5°C of global warming the world will be too hot for 60% of fish species. (source)


This is alarming, as are the facts: recent UN research on G20 recovery packages shows twice as much recovery money, taxpayers’ money, has been spent on fossil fuels as clean energy (source) and overall, no G20 country is aligned with a 1.5°C target. (source)


This sheds light on the scale and speed of capital reallocation and new investment needed,

to reduce global GHG emissions, and to the fact investment in renewable energy technology remains nowhere near what is needed to achieve net zero.


To achieve net-zero, it is essential to develop a pipeline of renewable energy projects,

to channel capital towards renewable energy technology, and GHG reduction.

This is the purpose of the Velocity Forward Finance & Trade Protocol,

an all in one clean-technology and capital marketplace solution, designed to turnkey flow capital into a pipeline of pre-qualified renewable energy projects and partners
producing and industrially scaling the world’s renewable capacity
to expeditiously displace the world’s #1 climate problem ~ thermal coal.


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Decentralized Financing & Trading a Sustainable Industry

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has brought forth major progress
in the widespread creation, access, and use of financial markets
and the Velocity Forward Finance Protocol will provide a new building block for the decentralized financing (DeFi) of renewable energy production and tokenized biocoal trading by:


  • Expeditiously scaling up savings flows between investors and issuers without having to go through a highly centralized financial ecosystem.
  • Increasing efficiency in B2B operations between fully integrated physical and financial supply chain partners, by providing the ability to view inventory records and effect real-time payments, within the seamless system of decentralized lending, automated repayment and OTC trade using digital currency, tokenized biocoal and smart contracts.
  • Allowing participants to convert fiat currency into Velocity, the platform’s asset backed digital currency, making joint investments in green infrastructure, while providing the ability to sustainably store value and earn an impactful yield hedged against inflation and financial and environmental uncertainty.
  • Ultimately forming a Global Sustainable Community of different types of retail, industry, and institutional investors, united across geographical boundaries within a single collaborative marketplace,
    intent in financing sustainable development, renewable energy production and expeditious GHG reduction.

Platform Compliance with
Regulatory Requirements

Depending on the full functions, and operations of the platform, stages of implementation, and in relation to primary issuance, secondary trading, securities, derivatives, OTC instruments, custody, settlement, the platform may be operating as a dealer, a marketplace, a clearing agency or a combination of these categories, and as required, in conjunction with counsel and local securities regulators, will seek applicable registration or recognition to ensure operations are conducted within an appropriately regulated environment.

In the interim, following the CSA’s approach to foster innovation, [1] application for registration as an Exempt Market Dealer or as an investment dealer will be made, under the passport system described in Multilateral Instrument 11-102 Passport System, and for operations of A Dealer Platform that only facilitates distributions or trading of Security Tokens, in reliance on prospectus exemptions and does not offer margin or leverage.

During the interim period, the process for investment dealer registration and IIROC membership will be initiated, in consultation with our principal regulator, and as operations transition from the initial period facilitating development and growth, to an acceptable long-term regulatory framework. The interim period is generally expected to be two years.

Industrially Scale a Global Climate Solution

With Velocity!