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We’re creating a sustainable future by building a digital ecosystem for renewable energy producers, traders, utilities, brokers, trade finance banks and impact investors to connect
and collaborate in financing, trading and scaling renewable energy production more efficiently.


Our goal is to industrially scale physical biocoal production and trading globally,

by providing a seamless platform solution connecting all stakeholders together in real time,

thereby optimizing workflows and enhancing the networks ability to finance, trade and deliver renewable energy to market more efficiently and expeditiously!

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End to End Digital Solutions

The ability to represent real world assets as digital assets using distributed ledger technology is creating new markets for previously illiquid assets and empowers non-financial companies with the ability to embed white-label financial services right into the enterprise.

Employing digital assets, smart contracts and automated market makers (AMM) unlocks liquidity in enterprise trade assets by providing the ability to offer fractional exposure to real world assets and their revenue streams, while boosting market efficiency, reducing risk and cost in post-trade operations by linking capital markets, physical trading, settlement and custody services within a seamless platform solution.

This affords the ability to embed trade credit and energy trading services right into the Synergy Impact Ecosytem’s value propersition whereby the digitally native solution will provide:

  • a 100% vendor financed production plant,
  • that pays for itself out of the future biocoal production cash flows,
  • that on-chain transact via the fully integrated digital supply chain platform

This ultimately provides an end to end ability to turnkey license, finance, trade and scale a new sustainable industry producing the renewable replacement of thermal coal.

Integrating Sustainable Finance with Sustainable Trade to Deliver Sustainable Solutions

To build a global enterprise and scale a worldwide industry,
with lots of expensive physical assets, requires upfront capital. Asset based financing provides a means to:

  1. Utilizing the very same digital and physical renewable energy assets to be financed as collateral,
  2. while platform native tokenized energy trade provides on chain security of cash flows.

The financed production plant, in turn:

  • pays back the loans from the now possible biocoal production revenues
  • and from the cash flows of biocoal trade transacted via the producer’s tokenized biocoal assets,
  • minted for each production partner
  • and utilized on-chain to trade the producer’s biocoal to the world’s coal fired generators on-boarded to the platform.

As an all in one finance/trade platform, this solution will provide:

  1. security of cash flows for liquidity providers,
  2. and will automatically repay both:
  • the liquidity providers capital
  • and the production partners plant financing,
  • at the same time, via smart energy contract transactions.

Scaling Socio-Economic & Environmental Impact as well as ROI

Today, both retail and institutional investors are increasingly looking to real asset models, particularly in sustainable infrastructure and renewable energy, for attractive returns amidst a persistent low-yield environment.

New, investible models are emerging in the climate and sustainability sectors that combine a real assets or a real asset-style strategy with the ability to preserve wealth and earn an impactful yield hedged to the production of renewable energy.

This is the essence of The Synergy Impact Ecosytem:
a new decentralized finance (DeFi) primitive combining liquidity provisioning, automated market making, (AMM) asset tokenization, as a more efficient and flexible renewable energy finance and investment structure,
designed to offer retail to institutional participants alike the ability to hedge inflation and earn an impactful ROI,swapping digital currency for the network’s synthetic commodity currency, Synergy, backed by the Producer’s Production Pool of tokenized energy assets.

Via this means, pooled impact capital fractionally finances the production of biocoal, token by token, project by project, while simultaneously scaling an industry producing: sustainable careers; manufacturing production plants and a new renewable fuel specifically designed to expeditiously reduce GHG emissions globally by lower cost displacing the world’s #1 climate problem, thermal coal.

Our Story

What Mother Nature does over millions of years, converting biomass into coal, Arterran Renewables cleantech process does in less than 90 minutes and sustainably.

This is significant, as no ‘drop in’ replacement renewable fuel currently exists, at a viable price point, for the world’s coal fired generators to economically adopt in place of thermal coal.

If the world is to phase from coal, in the less than 10 years climate scientists say is necessary to stay below 1.5°C of global warming, these reliable generators of 30% of the world’s energy, must be made part of the renewable solution ~ if the world is to ever have a climate solution.

Arterran’s cleantech solution for the conversion of waste biomass to a “viable biocoal” presents the opportunity tosimply switch” coal fired generators from the world’s #1 climate problem to the world’s #1 climate solution, as a more easily adopted, and lower cost renewable solution, economically empowering generators with the ability to phase from coal sooner than they may otherwise be carbon taxed or legislated off coal.

To expedite biocoal projects and production capacity globally Synergy’s collective cooperative vision is: to digitize, finance, trade and scale the global biocoal industry by providing a secure and trusted Digital Finance & Trade Ecosystem, powered by tokenization and smart contracts, thereby enhancing industry participants ability to network, finance, trade and collaborate together more efficiently in delivering mutually beneficial and globally impactful solutions to market, for the betterment of ALL.

Some of Our Partners

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Our Team

David Tiessen

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Bao Tran

VP Business Development

James Holbein

Chief Compliance Officer

Steven Mueller

Chief Operations Officer